David Savage

I'm a software developer and consultant based in Houston, Texas.

Setting Up CRUD Test Conventions With Fixie

Unit Tests, conventions, and all their disagreements can be quite annoying. It’s like watching prime time cable news. So, when I wanted to set out and try something new, I feared the worst. To my surprise, it turned out a lot easier and better than I could have predicted. [Read More]

Scaling Workflows with NServicebus Routing Slips

If you’ve been using NServiceBus and Sagas, you owe it to yourself to check out Routing Slips. Essentially they’re a stateless alternative to Sagas and very useful for tackling workflow-processing needs. In this article I’ll take you from a simple handler, through a saga, and on to a full routing slip demo. [Read More]

Using Enumerations with NPoco

Recently, we tried to use the Enumerations project with NPoco. In our case, we wanted to get the enumeration Value to persist as an Int in our database. At first it seemed like we may need to create a Fluent Mapping for each property. But then I discovered a better breakdown of custom mappers and it turned out to be a lot easier than expected. [Read More]

Working with ServicePulse

Over the past year I’ve had the enjoyment of working with an established system built on NServiceBus and MSMQ. If you’ve had to investigate an issue in this scenario, you’ve gone through the exercise of combing through logs and failed messages; which can get a bit tedious at times. With recent updates from Particular, it probably won’t be so painful anymore. [Read More]