David Savage

I'm a software developer and consultant based in Houston, Texas.

T4 Templates for just POCOs

Micro-Orms are a lot of fun to work with. Crafting your POCO’s by hand is not. PetaPoco ships with a great set of T4 templates to address this. But if you’re like me, you may have tried using them with NPoco and found it a bit troublesome. When all you want are Pocos a slimmed down version of the PetaPoco templates EzPoco(nuget package) is the same set of templates that ship with PetaPoco - which were originally built based on Subsonic’s templates. However, these templates get straight to the point - they just generate a bunch of partial POCOs. To get them going, you can follow the original instructions for PetaPoco. Just omit the bits that have been removed to keep things simple. [Read More]

.NET ORMs: A brief timeline

As part of a talk that I will be giving later this summer, I’ve been collecting a bit of data around the history of ORMs. I thought it worth while to share this a head of time. I may be adding more to this as I get time. To view the full timeline: http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/history-of-data-access [Read More]

Getting to know NPoco

Everyone loves a great library. One that shows up for work, does it’s job, and goes home without any hastle. They’re the tools that sit on our shelf, ready for use on just about any task. PetaPoco happens to be one of them. [Read More]

PetaPoco and VarChar

Back in 2012, Jimmy Bogard wrote a great post on the specifics of querying against a varchar column in SQL Server. As it turns out, it’s pretty easy to encounter this problem even when you don’t realize it. So, I thought it’d be a good idea to revisit this from the perspective of PetaPoco (my favorite ORM). [Read More]

Azure Worker Role Threading

Working with multiple threads in Windows Azure can be tough, but there is an easy change you can adopt to make your life easier. If you have been working with Azure worker roles, or have just started, you are probably familiar with the following code. [Read More]